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  • Agi Dembowska

Couples Counselling - Improve your relationship

Couples Therapy Naas | Kildare

Relationships can be challenging, even when both partners are fully committed and have the best intentions.

If you and your partner are going through a stage in your relationship where the increased difficulties and struggles are making it hard for you to see a way forward together, you may benefit from couples counselling.

What is couples counselling?

Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which a therapist uses a variety of therapeutic interventions to help people in romantic relationships gain insight into their relationship. It involves exploration of any conflict between the partners.

Couples therapy often focuses on a specific issue (intimacy, sex issues, infidelity, jealousy, lack of communication, arguing and parenting). The counsellor’s focus is on treating the relationship rather than treating each individual separately.


While couples therapy is not a guarantee that the relationship will last, many couples find benefits that helps them resolve issues and strengthened their relationship. Most couples come away from couples counselling with insight into their patterns, increased emotional expression, increased trust and development of healthy communication skills. These are necessary for effective conflict resolution and expression of needs without anger or resentment. Couples benefit from therapy because they feel closer to their partner when they can share and listen to each other in a non-judgmental and open environment.


There are different approaches to couples counselling. The methods used will depend on the couple, their challenges and goals. Multiple approaches can be used in the same session or for the same couple.

Emotion-focused therapy (EFT)

Aims to provide understanding of what drives our emotional responses in our relationships. EFT usually entails a lot of conversation about the deeper meaning of emotions. The goal of this therapy is for partners to express their underlying emotions to each other in order to deepen their connection and confirm their belief that the attachment is safe.


This method uses techniques to increase closeness, affection and respect through building love maps. The aim is to help both partners understand how the other’s thought processes are shaped by their joys, stresses, history and hopes. This method aims to give couples specific problem-solving skills that enhance intimacy and friendship.

A deeply satisfying love relationship can be among the greatest joys in life. The art of building a successful relationship does not come automatically out of the blue, but it is something you can learn. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve struggled, or how old you are, couples counselling can help you heal your relationship.


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